Why are we calling for a refund?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why do youth and student groups demand tuition refund?

The Commission on Higher Education implemented a new tuition regulation policy (CHED Memo Order 14) which allowed schools to increase tuition without consulting students, parents, faculty and other stakeholders of education if the increase is below the prevailing inflation rate.

According to the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, the CHED Memo Order 14 is illegal since it violated Republic Act 6728 which states that, “In any proposed increase in the rate of tuition fee, there shall be appropriate consultations conducted by the school administration with the duly organized parents and teachers associations and faculty associations with respect to secondary schools, and with student governments or councils, alumni and faculty associations with respect to colleges.” (Section 10)

Since most schools adopted the ‘illegal’ CHED Memo Order 14, all tuition increases must be refunded to the students.

How much should be refunded?

The University of the East, which charged a tuition hike above the inflation rate, has agreed to return the excess fees it collected. But students are demanding the refund of the full amount of tuition increase. Even schools which implemented a tuition increase below the inflation rate must be directed to refund the students since the tuition increase proposal was guided by the “illegal” CHED Memo Order 14.

There were 395 schools which increased tuition this year. Most of them applied for a tuition hike above the inflation rate (7.6 percent).

Is tuition refund possible when classes have already started?

Yes. Students can avail of refund during payment for the final examination period. Schools can charge lower fees next semester.

How can schools be required to implement a tuition refund?

CHED must issue another memorandum requiring schools which implemented a tuition increase for the current schoolyear to refund the students. Public pressure on CHED to order a refund must continue. Students should file petition letters and complaints addressed to the leadership of CHED. Lawmakers can ask CHED to implement a tuition refund. ###