CHED retracts CHEM Memo14!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last September 2006, the Commission on Higher Education released an amended version of CHED Memo 14 (, essentially retracting the earlier version.

CHED Memo 14 has earlier been declared 'illegal and unconstitutional' by the Congress Committe on Technical and Higher Education (see previous posts). As per the amended version, CHED has ordered private schools and administrators to 1.) conduct consultations with students and parents regardless of whether proposed increases are above or below the inflation rate; 2.) do away with other exemption clauses pertaining to the necessity of consultations; and 3.) impose a tuition cap based on 'inflationary adjustments'.

This development is seen as an initial victory for students. It is a direct result of the persistence and assertion of student councils and leaders and the nationwide Refund campaign on the basis of the illegality of CHED Memo 14. As a result of CHED's virtual retractment of the general policies imposed by CHED Memo 14, students now have more leverage and are more than justified to demand a Refund of all illegal tuition and other fee increases imposed during the previous semesters.

Furthermore, all other proposed tuition and other fee increases this February consultation period should be put on hold for as long as students' demand for a refund is not yet fully implemented. ###